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hypnosis session

Are you looking for your way, way of life, your inner center? Then come on a date with yourself. You have the feeling that you are not getting anywhere? Are you going in circles or do you have the feeling that you don't know your own needs and desires or that you can never live them? 

Hypnosis is like a visit to yourself, where you are very close to yourself and can realize your needs and desires, but also dissolve negative patterns. 
During a detailed discussion, we concentrate on your goals, on your life plan and where also the causes and the effect of the previously blocking Behavioral patterns and/or experiences are discussed.

Because it often comes up Reason for an imprint on the unconscious psychological level and a coupling between thoughts/situations to a negative mental and physical Feeling often expressed in negative behavior patterns  .

Stressful thoughts and situations can be resolved with the help of hypnosis.
Your own resources are built up and can be used again.
After just one session, your own mental resources are ready for joy, Happiness and relaxation again more noticeably available.
Hypnosis sessions help with:

*Feelings of fear and panic
*Agitated states
*Workaholic, work doggedness
*Definition, finding your own center
*Reduce excess weight
*Improving sleep
*Confidence and decisions
*Irritable bowel syndrome
*Exam anxiety
*Chewing finger nails
* smoking cessation...... and much more 

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